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The departure of everything

The inspiration

One collection chases another...

And for each of them we draw our inspiration from each element that surrounds us.

A color, a trend... Everything is a source of ideas! The starting point for each of our collections is the "image" that we want to give it.

Floral? Beaded? Rock?

Once clearly defined in our minds, the story of this new collection can begin.

Then comes

The choice of our production

At the beginning of Sajes our production was entirely done with our foundry located in Aix-en-Provence. (From drawing to production of the finished product).

With time, and our three years of experience, we have decided to continue our creations through two production axes in order to be able to offer you even more jewelry.

Today we therefore offer jewelry made 100% by the designer. These jewels take on average 6 months before they can be sold on our website.

This is why we also offer a selection of jewelry sourced directly from our French suppliers.

These jewels that we select are sometimes finished, but very often our workshop takes the time to modify them slightly in order to add stones, mesh... to offer you more complete personalization.


Once our production method has been defined, we therefore choose to either design the models entirely or assemble them in our Parisian workshop from primers or finished products.

For designed jewelry, a long process is put in place because there are numerous 3D tests before being satisfied with the jewelry. Then comes the period of quality control, wear testing before marketing them.

For selected jewelry, the time is shorter before it goes on sale because we avoid the numerous back and forths between different contacts.